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The working principle of automatic sleeve labeling machine | Su Ren Machinery

  Nowadays, modern packaging equipment is widely used in various industries. The goods in our daily life are inseparable from it. There is a very important packaging equipment, which is the automatic sleeve labeling machine.

  Since the 1990s, China has introduced many foreign technologies. Through continuous cooperation and exchanges, the equipment has been improved and improved, making the performance of domestic automatic sleeve labeling machines more excellent, performance more stable, and more dexterous. And in terms of safety performance has also been greatly improved, suitable for a variety of industries.

  The multi-functional automatic sleeve labeling machine can quickly complete the labeling task on the package. The sleeve labeling speed is fast, stable, smooth and wrinkle-free, and has been favored by many enterprises.

  In the large-scale packaging processing, the figure of the automatic sleeve labeling machine can be seen. When the bottle is running on the conveyor belt, there will be corresponding detection equipment to monitor the bottle, and the corresponding servo unit will drive the corresponding mechanical parts for the labeling work.

  When a bottle completes the sleeve labeling, the monitoring device immediately detects the next bottle and feeds it into the next sleeve label. If the position of the bottle is offset, the monitoring device cannot be accurately positioned, then it will stop. Set the label to avoid skewing the sleeve.

  When we buy beverages in the supermarket, we feel that the combination of packaging and bottles is very close and beautiful. This is the credit of the automatic labeling machine. With this equipment, labor costs can be greatly reduced, and the efficiency of the enterprise and the quality of the labeling can be improved. Therefore, it is widely used in the corresponding enterprises.


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