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SRT-15 double-sided multi-function labeling machine | better help enterprise development

  In the future, the direction of the company must be diversified, and our labeling equipment should also develop in this direction.

  It is required that the same equipment can adapt to different specifications of products, thus reducing the cost of purchasing equipment and making the development of the enterprise smoother. In modern society, all walks of life are pursuing efficient production mode, so the efficiency of labeling equipment is improved. What is necessary, the company attaches great importance to production efficiency, and improving production efficiency can help enterprises reduce costs while enhancing competitiveness, and gain market access in the fierce competition.

  Therefore, in the development of labeling machines, equipment that meets market demand is the right development path. In the era of rapid economic development, labeling equipment should meet the needs of modern social development, and the future development model is moving toward automation automation. Development, the needs of enterprises are also constantly upgrading in this direction, so the development of automated labeling machines is very critical.

  SRT-15 double-sided multi-function labeling machine, powerful, fast, flexible operation, man-machine dialogue touch screen operation window, parameters can be changed at will, simple and clear, switching between various functions is very simple, the whole machine gives The impression is that the structure is sturdy and beautiful. It is worth mentioning that it has fault alarm and counting functions. The company's products are configurable code printers or inkjet printers, which are very popular among customers.

  In recent years, we have added many bottled products to our daily lives. These bottles and cans are more convenient to use on the one hand. On the other hand, the recycling and recycling of glass bottles play an important role in the rational use of resources and sustainable development. It can also effectively reduce the production cost of enterprises. It is really a blessing. Therefore, the labeling of bottled products has become an indispensable task for many enterprises. SRT-15 double-sided multi-function labeling machine is also widely used in various industries and fields.


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