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Sleeve machine operation instructions and precautions when using | Su Ren Machinery

  Shanghai Suren mechanical sleeve labeling machine manufacturer, as one of the advanced equipment of the back-end packaging technology, the automatic sleeve labeling machine has excellent compatibility and stability, and has a unique smart design and human-machine coordinated safety mode. It has been unanimously affirmed by many customers, and its cost performance is also very bright in the market.

  Whether it is a square bottle, a round bottle, a flat bottle, a curved bottle or a cup or a jar of various shapes, it can be completed with an automatic sleeve labeling machine. The automatic sleeve labeling machine is widely used, such as: beverage, milk tea, alcohol, milk Products, pure water, daily chemical products, condiments, cosmetics, food, etc., most of the labeling machine manufacturers' labeling machines are copied from us, so these institutions are roughly the same. Then the next Shanghai Suren mechanical sleeve labeling machine manufacturer, tells you what problems should be paid attention to when using the sleeve labeling machine.

  First, operational safety:

  1. Ensure that only trained and authorized personnel can operate, schedule and maintain the equipment;

  2. Only professional and equipment engineers are allowed to complete the layout installation.

  Second, when operating the equipment, you need to ensure:

  1. Only after passing the professional training of the sleeve labeling machine, can it be operated;

  2. The operator must have the basic knowledge of the sleeve labeling machine in order to solve or adjust the equipment;

  3. Please operate according to the specified requirements when using the equipment.

  Second, the use of the environment, can not be used in the following environments:

  1. A site where the temperature changes drastically;

  2. The site where the humidity is too high and the dew is easy to produce;

  3. A site that causes vibration or shaking when the equipment is working;

  4. A place with a lot of dust;

  5. A site with chemical splashes;

  6. Places with flammable dangerous goods.

  Third, the operating instructions:

  1. Check the bolts of each mechanism for looseness before starting the equipment;

  2. After the emergency stop switch is turned on, will the cutter mechanism automatically search for the origin;

  3. Before opening, ensure that the center guide post is installed in place to avoid damage to the center guide post and cutter;

  4. After replacing the blade, please pay attention to whether the blade is too long to avoid damage to the tool;

  5. Do not put your hand into the working area of the cutter during standby or normal operation.


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