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The working principle and application of the labeling machine | Which is better for the labeling machine manufacturer

  The sleeve labeling machine is one of the indispensable packaging machinery equipment for modern production. Since the mid-1990s, we have carried out technical cooperation and exchanges with many countries and regions, such as Germany, Japan, the United States, etc. .

  Since 2006, Shanghai Suren Machinery has developed various types and models of sleeve labeling machines. Its excellent high-speed stability, unique flexibility design, and intelligent system operation have won many customers. The recognition of its cost performance has its unique technical performance advantages and characteristics both domestically and internationally.

  The principle of the sleeve labeling machine: the sleeve labeling machine is the result of successful innovation in the field of packaging equipment for electrical control and mechanical principles.

  The principle of the labeling machine is as follows: When the bottle is found to have a bottle coming over and it is considered necessary for continuous production, the screw entering the bottle starts to push the bottle. The function of the bottle screw is to make the bottles that are not equidistant from the new isometric. When the initial speed is divided into bottles, when the set of electric eyes detects that there is a bottle coming over, it will immediately send the information to the control center PLC, and then pass the PLC, issue 4 instructions, send the mark, locate, cut the mark, and shoot the mark. When the target is over, the label of one bottle is completed, and then, after the contraction of the shrinking furnace, a perfect sleeve work is completed.

  Field applications: juices, beverages, food, wine, cosmetics, daily necessities, plastic electronics, etc.

  Which is good for the labeling machine manufacturer? Shanghai Suren Machinery, view the sleeve labeling machine series:


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