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What to pay attention to when using the beverage labeling machine | Su Ren Machinery

  Everyone often goes to the supermarket to buy drinks. No matter what kind of beverage products, there will be labels. Each label is different. The purpose of the label is to let everyone know about the product when they buy it. Many products need to use the labeling machine for labeling. Especially the beverage labeling machine.

  So what should you watch out for when using a beverage labeler?

  details as follows:

  1. After determining the transmission direction and direction of the conveyor belt, the operation can be performed;

  2.ensure that the label direction and shipping direction are the same;

  3. the label winding direction must be correct.

  It should be ensured that the direction on the automatic labeling machine is the same as the direction on the production line. Of course, the beauty of the product label is also very important. When choosing a beverage labeling machine, we must use it very seriously. We must also carefully maintain it during this process. Maintain it and develop a good habit of regular maintenance, which will better package the stability and service life of the equipment.

  This is a matter to be aware of when operating the beverage labeling machine. Determine the direction of the transfer and ensure that the direction of the label is consistent with the direction of travel. In many industries, in order to sell more of your own products, it is often necessary to use a beverage labeling machine, which can help Enterprises gain more profits and greater sales, not only save a lot of necessary manpower and material resources, but also improve market competitiveness.


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