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Cleaning and Disinfection of Automatic Labeling Machine | Suren Machinery

  Does the automatic labeling machine need to be cleaned and disinfected?

  Yes, the labeling machine needs regular cleaning and disinfection. This is necessary for the following reasons. The following is for you:

  The labeling equipment in our company's production needs to be cleaned and disinfected, which means that the equipment needs regular maintenance and maintenance. First, when understanding how to carry out the cleaning and disinfection process, firstly explain why it is cleaned and disinfected for the following reasons. :

  After a long period of use, the labeling machine has reached an extreme wear range, and the environment used is too humid, or the destruction of human factors causes the surface bacteria to breed, resulting in rust and corrosion of the equipment materials. Therefore, it is necessary to have regular time, Perform parts replacement and rust removal, equipment cleaning and maintenance.

  The disinfection and cleaning process is as follows:

  1. According to the instructions of the operation manual, the parts of the whole machine are disassembled in an orderly manner, and a specific position is placed to avoid confusion;

  2. first remove the surface stains on the core operating parts, and then drop into the equipment-specific lubricant to reduce friction;

  3. For rusted conveyor belt, machine surface, labeling rotor and touch operation screen, wipe with a soft cloth and wipe with 90% ethanol solution (remember: do not wash the core parts with water);

  The above is the common knowledge of cleaning and disinfection of labeling machine equipment. If you need more specific operation sequence or purchase labeling machine, please contact us, Shanghai Suren mechanical labeling machine manufacturer, 24 hours for your service.


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