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Round bottle labeling machine selection and precautions | Suren Machinery

  The round bottle labeling machine is currently the most widely used equipment compared to the labeling machine. The application scope of the round bottle labeling machine: food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, electronics, etc., the device can automatically complete the automatic printing of the label. And labeling.

  The role of the round bottle labeling machine itself has promoted the rapid development of the entire industry. Nowadays, the round bottle labeling machine can be widely used, which can reflect the irreplaceable role of the round bottle labeling machine, although the round bottle labeling machine The role is very large, but the round bottle labeling machine on the market is still diverse and the quality is also uneven. Therefore, when selecting the round bottle labeling machine, pay attention to the following aspects:

  First, the efficiency problem, for a company's development, time is money, time is cost, production efficiency is directly related to the company's efficiency, for the application of round bottle labeling machine, we must first consider the conveyor belt of round bottle labeling machine The transmission speed and the speed of the standard, the good round bottle labeling machine also has the function of automatically calculating the length of the label, which is also an important factor to ensure the labeling quality of the round bottle labeling machine.

  Second, the labeling effect, pay attention to the accuracy and bubble problem after labeling on the round bottle labeling machine, and the number of effective labeling in a certain period of time, which will have a great impact on the appearance of the product, therefore, To prevent air bubbles from appearing during labeling, it is also necessary to remove the surrounding static electricity to avoid affecting the labeling effect. It is also necessary to appropriately increase the label pressure of the label and the adhesion of the label to the product, and keep the contact position of the product and the label in a straight line. There will be no phenomena such as unpleasant appearance of product bubbles and labeling.

  The round bottle labeling machine will grasp the market trend, keep up with the pace of the times, and constantly improve the quality and intelligence of the equipment to meet the huge demand for round bottle labeling machines for domestic and foreign corporate customers.


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