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High quality and high precision horizontal sleeve labeling machine | Suren Machinery

  Since 2009, Suren Machinery has joined the professional packaging machinery industry. During this decade, Suren Machinery has continuously pursued the latest technology to improve the quality of its equipment, to provide customers with the best equipment to enhance the quality of customer service and meet the market demand. Suren Machinery has introduced a variety of horizontal sleeve labeling machines. With a stable base structure and high stability, Suren Machinery will continue to strive for excellence in the packaging field, which is bound to create leadership in the labeling machine industry. Create new heights in the industry to lead the new future.

  Many small-sized products or containers are often used in daily life with beautiful labels, such as whiteboard pens, mascaras, lipsticks, etc. However, apart from manual packaging methods, have you ever thought about using automatic packaging?

  It is not an easy task for a small-sized product to be stably packaged on a machine conveyor belt. In these years, Suren Machinery has been continuously researching and developing high-precision sleeve labeling machines, not only providing vertical sets. The standard machine, automatic labeling machine and horizontal sleeve labeling machine are also the key equipments. Therefore, the R&D department insists on providing customers with good equipment and services with rigorous attitude and positive and optimistic energy.

  Suren Machinery has introduced a horizontal sleeve labeling machine with high automation, high quality, high precision, fast speed, etc. It is equipped with a machine platform composed of power control and stainless steel, and has a PLC panel and HMI touch control system. It is more convenient to adjust the accuracy of the length of the cut label.

  In order to avoid the risk of collision of packaging containers and machine failure, a powerful driving motor is installed at the discharge of the sleeve labeling machine, so that the shrinking label can be pushed at a smooth speed, and the automatic sensor inside the device can automatically detect and To fully satisfy the different types of products, for example, the automatic detection of the sensing function allows the label to be accurately placed in the set container position, even though the packaging container is lying on the conveyor belt, when the label is accurate When the packaging container is inserted without fail, the labeling system's brush system will actively and uniformly place the label sleeve in the proper position of the container.


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