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Separate automatic labeling machine and semi-automatic labeling machine | Su Ren Machinery

  At present, there are many kinds of labeling machine equipment on the market. The labeling machine is divided into two types according to the degree of automation: automatic labeling machine and semi-automatic labeling machine.

  What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two? The following is a brief introduction of the above two types of labeling machines, for customers who need to buy labeling machines as a reference:

  1. The automatic labeling machine is characterized by fast speed, about 500 pieces per minute, high label accuracy, error of only 1mm, can be used in a single machine, and can also be used in conjunction with the production line. The disadvantage is that the price is a bit high, the space is large, need With proper training, large and medium-sized manufacturers are now more inclined to purchase such automatic labeling machines.

  2. semi-automatic labeling machine has the advantages of low price, small size, easy operation and maintenance. The average person can familiarize with the operation through the manual. The disadvantage is that the label speed is slow, about 20 pieces per minute. The specific speed depends on the labeling product and label size. To set, manual operation, low label accuracy, etc., is a good choice for small enterprises with low output.

  It is suggested that the manufacturer can determine whether to purchase a fully automatic labeling machine or a semi-automatic labeling machine according to its own conditions and needs, such as the accuracy of product labeling, the size of the space, etc. The above are two types of labeling equipment. Basic introduction, more details, you can also give us a call.


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