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Automatic labeling machine operation and commissioning | Su Ren Machinery

  When the automatic labeling machine works, it must be operated strictly in accordance with the process. In the process of conveyor belt, if there is an error in the middle, it is necessary to carry out maintenance or adjustment in time, which is the correct operation process. This requires the operator to have certain certainity for the automatic labeling machine. Understand, next, Su Ren mechanical labeling machine manufacturers will simply explain the operation process and adjustment method of the automatic labeling machine.

  1. Loosen the set screws on the roll paper tray

  Remove the plexiglass disc and adjust the position of the rear disc so that the rear disc position can satisfy the web tray at the centerline of the web. After fixing the screws, install the paper tray and plexiglass front plate, then fix the screws, and finally check if the rotation of the roll paper tray is flexible. If it is not flexible, please follow the above steps for further adjustment until it becomes flexible.

  2. the requirements of wearing a label tape

  First check whether all the rollers on the marking path of the label are flexible. If they are not flexible, they must be adjusted to a flexible state. The method of wearing the belt is based on the red line on the view. Pay special attention to the label. Photoelectric sensors are used to ensure the normal operation of the photoelectric transmitting device.

  3.try to label

  Place the bottle on the conveyor belt, adjust the left and right bottle stopper rods, close to the labeling device, adjust the distance between the top and bottom, press each motor switch button, and then activate the two sets of photoelectric switch buttons, first put a few bottles to test Labeling, and check whether the effect of the sticker meets the requirements. If there is no problem with the test, it means that the debugging is completed and the normal labeling work can be performed.


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