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Shanghai Suren - Analysis of the advantages of automatic labeling machine in the end?

  Without comparison, the difference between equipment and equipment cannot be seen, especially between packaging machinery. Of course, this sentence also applies to the labeling industry today. The labeling machine is efficient, productive, accurate and Use is divided into different utility parameters.

  The automatic labeling machine can also be said to be a high-tech equipment in this industry. Today, Shanghai Suren labeling machine manufacturers compare the advantages of automatic labeling machine and semi-automatic labeling machine.

   The so-called automatic labeling machine is generally referred to as a labeling device with a relatively high degree of automation. It is mainly servo (plc) control, and various parameter functions and semi-automatic labeling machines have a qualitative improvement.

  First, the labeling speed

   The semi-automatic labeling machine is usually controlled by a (stepping) system, and the labeling speed per minute is 20-45 pieces. The automatic labeling machine is controlled by a (servo) system with a labeling speed of 40-200 pieces per minute. The efficiency is different and the production volume is naturally different.

  Second, the labeling accuracy

The process of the semi-automatic labeling machine generally requires the operation of the handheld product, the error margin is large, and it is difficult to accurately control, while the automatic labeling machine adopts standardized pipeline labeling, automatic spacing, and the labeling precision is 1mm.

  Third, the use of labeling

Most of the semi-automatic labeling machines have a large restriction on the labeling product category. They can only be used in a single machine without special parts. Therefore, they are used in small workshops, but the automatic labeling machines are different. It has a wide range, and it can be used in different shapes and sizes of products in the same industry. Labels can be used in different positions, and can be used in single machine production lines.

   The above is the parameters of the automatic labeling equipment and the semi-automatic labeling equipment after comparison. The automatic labeling machine has the advantages of large precision, high precision and strong applicability. It is the best choice for modern product processing and packaging, and completes the automatic operation.


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