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Drink labeling machine adjustment operation process | Su Ren Machinery

  In the process of using the beverage labeling machine, it is necessary to strictly follow the working procedure. In the process of the conveyor belt, there is a deviation in the middle. The timely adjustment is an absolute guarantee for smooth production. This requires the staff to have a beverage labeling machine. A certain degree of familiarity, then, we simply understand the operation process of the beverage labeling machine, and how to adjust.

  1. Loosen the fixing screws on the roll paper tray

  Remove the plexiglass disc and adjust the position of the rear disc so that the position of the rear disc can meet the position of the center line of the web. After fixing the screws, attach the paper tray and the front panel of the plexiglass, and then fix the screws. Finally, check if the roll paper tray is flexible. If it is not flexible, follow the above steps to adjust until it is flexible.

  2. the requirements of wearing a label tape

  First of all, check whether all the rollers on the route of the label strip are flexible. If it is not flexible, it must be adjusted to be flexible. The wearing method is carried out according to the red line direction on the view. Special attention is paid to the labeling tape passing through the photoelectric sensor. Sensing area to ensure that the photoelectric transmitter can work normally.

  3. test labeling

  Put the beverage bottle to be labeled on the conveyor belt, adjust the front and rear distance, adjust the left and right bottle stopper rods, close to the labeling device, press each motor switch button, and then activate the two sets of photoelectric switch buttons. First, put a few The bottles are tested and labeled, and the labelled papers are checked to meet the requirements, and the requirements are met, indicating that the trials pass, and mass production can be performed.

  The above is the answer of how the manufacturer of Suren mechanical labeling machine is adjusting during the operation process. I hope that I can help you. If you want to know more about the labeling machine, you can also buy the labeling machine. , welcome online or call us.


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