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Su Ren Machinery | Features of the double head sleeve labeling machine

  1. Suren Machinery, double head sleeve labeling machine, adopts double head structure design, and the two machines are integrated, which can meet the requirements of bottle mouth and bottle sleeve labeling once;

  2. the double tray feeding, can shorten the refueling time and ensure smooth production;

  3. one machine and two use, saving space while saving costs;

  4. the humanized overall protective cover design is more secure;

  5. Synchronized bottle separator design, bottle transportation will not shake;

  6. the machine comes with two sets of cutterheads and two sets of central guide posts, which can realize quick replacement without tools;

  7. The screw, the conveyor belt and the bottle with the bottle can be adjusted synchronously to ensure the high speed and stability of the sleeve label;

  8.  with advanced control system, unique color touch screen design, coupled with auxiliary buttons, easy to operate;

  9.  high standard electrical configuration, the feeding cutter is just right, the label feeding is very smooth;

 10.  can operate at both ends, can also run single-head, to ensure the efficient and stable production line;

  11. This machine adopts high-quality imported air gun to preheat and shrink, ensuring the positioning of the label and shrinking effect in advance;


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