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Labeling machine common fault solution | Su Ren Machinery

  If the labeling machine has been used for a long time, some problems will occur more or less. So, let's take a look at some of the common faults and how to solve them.

  1. the bottom paper is broken

  The quality of the bottom paper and the bottom of the label, the labeling process, the scratching of the paper, the label adhesion has a great relationship.

  1. check whether the bottom paper of the labeling machine has the problem of chopping. If there is a chopped bottom paper, replace the bottom paper with better quality, and the supplier of the label should control the die cutting depth, and do not damage the bottom paper.

  2. check the label during the process of bypassing whether there is a problem of scratching, dealing with the factors of scratching.

  3. in addition, if the label is stuck, the label is easy to tear, then it is necessary to control the length of the label, to ensure that it will not stick to the labeled product.

  2. The problem of deviation of the accuracy of labeling

  The deviation of the label is different from the deviation of the label, the direction of the label and the direction of the product are not parallel, the traction wheel is slipping, the product positioning is not accurate, the label cannot be attached to the product on the roller, check these factors, and then, Sexual treatment.

  1. the deviation of the belt, the traction mechanism is relaxed, the label is pulled back and forth, let it automatically return to the positive, after the label is returned, the limit ring on both sides is clamped, and the label is guided.

  2. the labeling machine labeling direction and the conveying direction are not parallel, and the parallel state can be achieved by adjusting the inclination of the labeling head.

  The common faults of the labeling machine are probably the same. When using the problem, if there is a problem, it must be processed in time to ensure that the device is used more.


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