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What is the difference between automatic labeling machine and ordinary labeling machine | Su Ren Machinery

  What is the automatic labeling machine? Where is the difference with the ordinary labeling machine?

  Many automated packaging companies have doubts when choosing a labeling machine. Shanghai Suren mechanical engineer said: The simple difference is that the ordinary labeling machine also needs manual discharging, and the automatic labeling machine can be completed without manual manual. Labeling work, automatic labeling machine has improved the labeling technology and speed, and the labeling error efficiency is improved. Not only the label is beautiful, but also stable and not easy to crack.

  The automatic labeling machine can label hundreds of products within a few minutes, which is several times that of ordinary labeling machines. Therefore, the automatic labeling machine is a popular labeling machine in the packaging automation industry.

  Ordinary labeling machine equipment is relatively simple, the popular point is to stick the sticker or paste label to the attached item.

  The application of the automatic labeling machine is relatively wide, and it can be used in many industries, such as: labeling on the oral liquid bottle in the pharmaceutical industry, and the automatic horizontal labeling machine can be completed independently. The food industry, such as: oil drum labeling, can be completed with a fully automatic side labeling machine or a fully automatic double side labeling machine. The automatic labeling machine can be applied to the labeling of various types of bottles, such as round, square and flat, and the labeling can be specified at any position of the product. Specially required labeling surface, we can customize according to customer's needs.


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