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The difference between automatic sleeve labeling machine and semi-automatic sleeve labeling machine | Su Ren Machinery

  The automatic sleeve labeling machine, as its name implies, is the fully automatic operation of the whole sleeve sleeve labeling process. The automatic sleeve labeling machine is more convenient and efficient, basically does not require too much manual operation, and requires few people to skillfully operate the equipment. The best effect and maximum efficiency can be achieved, and the semi-automatic sleeve labeling machine also needs some cooperation with the personnel, which requires more labor and relatively low production efficiency.

  In the scope of use, fully automatic sleeve labeling machines are usually used to produce a variety of high-volume products, while semi-automatic sleeve labeling machines are usually used to produce small batches, and manufacturers are not too demanding.

  In terms of technology, the automatic sleeve labeling machine has higher technical content and the price is far higher than the semi-automatic sleeve labeling machine. The production enterprise can select the appropriate sleeve labeling machine according to its own production scale and production requirements to meet its own needs. 

  In addition, the automatic sleeve labeling machine designed and manufactured by Shanghai Suren Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a more efficient and convenient packaging equipment, which can be actively controlled according to the height of the product. The packaging and labeling are fully automated, and it can be docked with other production lines. With a wide range of uses, excellent performance and quality have been praised by many customers.


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