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Technical characteristics of Su Ren factory sleeve labeling machine

  Suren Machinery's fully automatic sleeve labeling machine is very suitable for cup sleeve labeling, juice, tea beverage, dairy products, pure water, condiments, beer, sports drinks, etc. The position of the machine is highly accurate and After shrinking, it highlights the perfect bottle shape and makes the outer packaging more beautiful.

  Su Ren Machinery, for the simple introduction of the working principle of the next set of standard machine.

  First of all, the product is placed on the assembly line, the bottle is detected by the electric eye, and the bottle screw is used to start pushing the bottle. The function of the bottle screw is to divide the bottle, equidistantly separate the bottle, give the product an initial speed, and the product enters the sleeve system. The core unit, the product flows through the sleeved electric eye, and the sleeved electric eye transmits the signal to the control center PLC.

  The PLC successively and continuously issues 4 instructions: labeling, positioning, cutting, and marking. After these four steps, the labeling process of a product is roughly completed, and then enters the label finishing and shrinking unit.

  So, what kind of functional characteristics does the Su Ren sleeve labeling machine have? Let me give you a few examples:

 1. the scope of application is wider. In the effective range, whether the package is square, round or other shaped shape, whether it is glass or plastic, it can be applied;

 2. the design is reasonable, high-speed stability, long service life, electrical control systems, etc. are all using world-renowned brand spare parts;

  3. the running cost is low, and it can be used in one machine and multiple bottles. On the whole equipment, only the cutter is the only wear part, which is easy to obtain, simple to replace, and low in cost burden;

  4. the replacement of packaging is easy, modularized die-change design, a bottle of a mold, more models without any tools, just a few simple adjustments can be done by hand.


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