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The characteristics and application of round bottle labeling machine | Su Ren Machinery

  With the rapid development of food, water, beverage, medicine, health care products and other industries and the continuous advancement of packaging technology, China's packaging industry has formed an independent, complete, and a variety of packaging, packaging and packaging machinery as the main products. A complete industrial system.

  Among them, packaging machinery and equipment have played an important role, and different packaging machinery packaging objects also have different, for example, in the round bottle of glass bottles, plastic bottles, so the round bottle labeling machine plays a key The role also proves the market demand.

  Then, let me introduce the advantages of the Su Ren SRT-102 round bottle labeling machine:

  The machine has advanced functions, simple operation, compact structure, wide application range, multi-purpose and adaptability. The whole machine is made of stainless steel. It adopts photoelectric detection, PLC control and touch software operation. It has the advantages of standard and high precision. . At the same time, it has the functions of no object labeling, no standard automatic alarm, screw adjustment pressing mechanism, precise movement, labeling, no foaming, no wrinkle, suitable for cylindrical objects such as glass bottles and plastic bottles. Conical objects can be customized. A printer or printer can be added as needed.

  This machine is suitable for semi-circular or full-wound round bottles. It can be placed manually and bottled. It can also be used in conjunction with the machine. One label or two stickers at a time is suitable for round labeling of various materials.

  Features of SRT-102 round bottle labeling machine:

  1. the control system adopts PLC programmable controller, which is equipped with real color LCD to display man-machine interface, which makes the operation simple.

  2. the servo motor control bid.

  3. the machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum parts, in line with GMP operating standards.

  4. according to the needs of the product can be installed with a ribbon printer.

  5. The round bottle labeling machine can be operated independently or connected to the conveyor line.


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