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Automatic sleeve label price difference

  As a kind of automatic packaging equipment, the automatic sleeve labeling machine has increased the production capacity and created greater benefits for the enterprise, and improved the aesthetics of the packaging.

  At present, there are many brands of automatic sleeve labeling machines in the food packaging market, which are dazzling and the prices are different.

  Why is the price of the automatic sleeve label so different? The following is a detailed analysis of the problem.

  1. The difference in brand positioning, the automatic sleeve labeling machine has wide applicability and the degree of mechanization is high. However, the import of a fully automatic sleeve labeling machine has to reach millions. With the increase of market demand, many large and small machinery manufacturers have gradually established their own brands, and their equipment is positioned as low-end, mid-range, high-end, low-end equipment. The configuration and materials are few, the price is naturally low, but some low-priced equipment can not meet the needs of customers, so it is recommended that customers choose medium and high-end equipment, regardless of its configuration, material, function and performance. very good.

  2. All manufacturers using automatic sleeve labeling machines know that this is a packaging device with multiple functions. For different products, it also has different functions, such as automatic coding system and inkjet printer, which can be used for printing. A small package of dates. For some soup products, an automatic filling system can be added to achieve automatic feeding and to provide a robot. The prices of these coding and filling systems vary widely, so the price of the different functions of the equipment varies widely.

  3. The difference in configuration, although the domestic automatic sleeve labeling machine is developed by introducing foreign technology, its main components are all imported brands, and the price difference between imported and domestic parts is large.

  In the above three aspects, from the three aspects of brand positioning, function differentiation, configuration differences, the price difference of the automatic sleeve labeling machine is analyzed. I believe you have a certain understanding of this.


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