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Which is the labeling machine manufacturer

  With the rapid development of the economy, the living standards and consumption power are also constantly improving. People not only pay attention to the intrinsic quality of goods, but also have certain requirements for external packaging. Therefore, the beautiful outer packaging will firstly make consumers have the desire to purchase. Therefore, the quality of labeling is very important. The automatic labeling machine produced by Shanghai Suren Machinery has high performance and perfect labeling, which greatly increases the packaging of the product. Aesthetics.

  There are many kinds of labeling machines. Among them, there is a round bottle labeling machine. It is specially used for labeling round bottles. It can be labeled with single label or double label. It can be flexibly adjusted and has the function of labeling with tapered bottles. The circumferential positioning detecting device can realize labeling at a specified position on the circumferential surface.

  Suren automatic round bottle labeling machine adopts positioning and labeling mechanism. The roller adopts the rubber-clad process, which does not damage the label, and has good labeling effect. The labeling machine has high labeling efficiency, high precision, low cost, automatic label-free, no air bubbles. No wrinkles.

  In fact, goods and people are the same, need packaging, good packaging can increase the value of goods, but also attract consumers' attention, increase sales, Shanghai Suren Machinery specializes in the production and research and development of labeling machine labeling machine, we The quality of the equipment is made of stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable, allowing customers to choose more peace of mind.

  Shanghai Suren Machinery has more than ten years of experience in development and production. It has long been focusing on the field of packaging equipment and constantly researching and developing new technologies to improve the efficiency and automation of equipment. It is believed that only excellent quality can make enterprises go better and longer. 


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