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Introduction to the maintenance and maintenance of the labeling machine

the electrical box mechanism

1. When releasing the film, the film must be aligned with the center column, and adjust the position of the electric eye next to it so that it can pull the film normally;

2. The center column should be clamped at the same time by the lifting mechanism and the sleeve labeling mechanism to achieve three points and one line;

3. Adjust the position of the cutter head from the electric eye so that the sleeve labeling mechanism and the center column can just put the film on the fixture so that the fixture does not touch the above mechanism;

in the docking transport mechanism

1. Firstly connect with the feeding mechanism and the conveying mechanism;

2. Put the sample, adjust the guardrail at both ends, and then adjust the distance between the two sides of the outlet and the upper limit of the sheet metal, so that the sample can pass normally, but it can be stuck at the exit (can be picked up by the fixture);

3. Adjust the position of the electric eye, the electric eye at the upper end of the outlet should be adjusted to the out point to ensure that the butt conveyor can be opened all the time, so that the sample can be hooked out one by one;

the hair dryer exit should be inclined

1. The position of the photographing mechanism should be adjusted so that the label film can be properly pressed into place;

2. The temperature of the electrothermal shrinking furnace mechanism should be adjusted to shrink the film to no wrinkle. The temperature depends on the material of the film. Finally, the overall operation and commissioning during opening is mainly to adjust the continuity of the operation of the sleeve labeling machine, and each group. If the set of fixtures is not good enough, if there are some samples of the fixtures, the fixtures will be adjusted first, and if not, the fixtures will be fine-tuned;

3. Conditioning the loading mechanism of the tray, inserting the sample, adjusting the height of the material rod so that it can block the sample without rubbing against the surface of the labeling machine turntable;


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