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The characteristics of the beverage bottle labeling machine-Shanghai Suren

  Beverage bottle labeling machine features

  Main performance characteristics:

  1. the bottle type of beverage bottle labeling machine selection: can be labeled round bottle, square bottle, oval bottle and other beverage bottle type, the bottle mouth and bottle body of the beverage bottle can be set, and the adaptability is strong;

  2. the automatic positioning accuracy is high: equipped with full mechanical transmission, forced sleeve labeling method;

 3. the labeling machine equipment with man-machine dialogue type LCD touch screen: text display, a variety of options, intuitive and simple operation;

  4. The labeling equipment is equipped with electric eyes and can control automatic feeding;

  5. The equipment PLC control system can ensure the orderly operation speed of the whole equipment, can be adjusted, and the work stability is high;

  6, the steam shrinking furnace of the sleeve labeling machine has a balanced temperature and stable shrinkage effect;

  7. The positioning and installation of the screw of the equipment can achieve accurate feeding and positioning of beverage bottles of various types and specifications.

  8. equipment adjustment, no need for tools, it is easier to replace products of different specifications;

  9. low maintenance costs of equipment consumables, discarding blades, and easy replacement;

10. The mechanical design specification of the sleeve labeling machine is stable, the appearance of the whole machine is beautiful and exquisite, the construction components are simple and easy to maintain.


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