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Double-sided labeling machine can improve product labeling efficiency

  Double-sided labeling machine can improve the labeling efficiency of product labeling, accurate positioning, good quality, high stability, prevent manual labeling efficiency, attach tilt, uneven thickness and wrinkles, etc. Effectively reduce the waste of paste, reduce the cost of labeling labor, improve the aesthetics of product identification, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of products. It is suitable for any industry application, including packaging of bottles, bags, plastics and other materials.

  The following Shanghai Suren explain what you need to pay attention to when purchasing a double-sided labeling machine:

  When purchasing a double-sided labeling machine, you should pay attention to the following four points:

  First, the accuracy of double-sided labeling machine: the process of labeling belongs to the final packaging process of the product. The quality of labeling is directly related to the appearance quality and marketing of the product. The labeling accuracy is high, the printing effect is good, the label is flat and not wrinkled, and no bubble It is the symbol of excellent products, otherwise it will invisibly reduce the product level.

  Second, double-sided labeling machine speed: manufacturers must be based on their own company's requirements, combined with the front-end production line to consider the speed of the labeling machine, comprehensive consideration can be a perfect match, to achieve true optimization, rationalization, Unification, here is the difference between automatic labeling machine and semi-automatic labeling machine.

  Third, double-sided labeling machine equipment composed of electronic components: good electronic components can increase the operating life of the equipment, especially imported accessories, of course, the corresponding price will be much higher, this is mainly determined according to the customer's production requirements of.

  Fourth, double-sided labeling machine stability: a good labeling machine as long as the mechanical structure design is reasonable, a variety of line layout specifications, stable structural components, high mechanical and electrical quality, can ensure that the machine operates under long-term high load conditions Normally, the long-term stable operation of the labeling machine can reduce the maintenance cost of the user, and can satisfy the reasonable production request of the user, and the quality guarantee by the manufacturer, and the output is greatly improved.

  Shanghai Suren believes that the key to affecting the quality of labeling (speed, accuracy, stability) is the control system and motor system. At present, most of the labeling machine manufacturers in Asia and the world use stepper motors combined with PLC program control.


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