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Customized plane labeling machine details step introduction

  Labeling machine equipment customization: refers to the labeling machine manufacturer according to the user's product requirements, on the basis of the standard model, complete the function of the equipment and the corresponding component assembly business.

  Below, our Shanghai Suren labeling machine manufacturer will come to talk to you about the steps of customizing the flat labeling machine, hoping to help everyone.

  How to customize the flat labeling machine?

   First, the first step sales engineer will ask the customer's labeling product shape, product specifications, and specific requirements, the more comprehensive and detailed information, you can quickly find the type of equipment you need.

   Second, after understanding the customer's purchase standard requirements, the sales engineer will provide the standard model parameters of the equipment to the customer for reference, to see where the changes need to be made.

  Third, provide similar success stories for customers' reference, introduce the functional scope that the equipment can reach, formulate specific operation plans and equipment quotations. When the customer agrees to order the equipment, the contract is revised, specifying the delivery period, follow-up situation, and trial. The service scope of the machine and inspection machine shall be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the contract.


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