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Vertical round bottle automatic labeling machine common troubleshooting method

  Vertical round bottle automatic labeling machine common troubleshooting method

  The device is mainly suitable for automatic labeling of cylindrical packaging containers in the pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food and other industries, especially for the packaging and label size of the pharmaceutical industry, which often needs to be changed, with automatic detection of containers and label sizes, and automatic Adjust the advanced function of the parameters, of course, even the best equipment will be faulty, then we talk about how to deal with the common faults of the equipment.


  There are several closely related factors, such as the quality of the bottom paper and the quality of the label backing paper, the scratching of the bottom of the label, and the adhesion of the label.

  1. Check if the bottom paper can be cut, such as cutting the bottom paper, you need to change the quality of the quality paper. It is recommended to use Glassine paper and the label supplier is required to control the die-cut depth and not to damage the paper.

  2. Check if the label is in a scratch condition and eliminate the scratching factor.

  3. If the label is stuck, the label will be easily torn. Control the next bid length to ensure that it does not stick to the labeled product.

  2. Labeling bias exceeds accuracy request

  Label deviation and label deviation, label orientation and product conveying direction are not parallel, traction wheel slippage, product positioning detection is not allowed, label is not attached to the product along the labeling roller,   product error is related to several factors, check the above The cause factor is then targeted.

  The belt is biased, the traction mechanism is relaxed, and the label is pulled back and forth to let it automatically go   straight. After the label is straight, the limit ring on both sides is clamped and the label is guided.

  The orientation of the label is not parallel to the direction of product transport, and the inclination of the conditioning label can be parallelized.

  The traction wheel is slippery, the traction wheel is worn, and the traction wheel locking screw is loose. For both reasons, the traction wheel locking screw can be tightened.

  Product error, product manufacturing process, edge error will lead to labeling bias, only the quality of the control product can be resolved.

  1. Continuous bidding

  Continuous marking and incomplete marking are related to the flexibility of electric eye detection, and the flexibility of conditioning can be adjusted. For the conditioning method, please refer to the previous section on electric eye adjustment.

  If the conditioning electric eye still cannot be solved, the label may be out of the applicable range of the selected electric eye, or the electric eye is damaged. You need to consult the manufacturer.

  Another reason is that the label is deflected, the label is not detected by the electric eye, and the electric eye can be adjusted to the detection position before and after.

  2. The bottom paper is loose at the stripping plate

  The slack of the bottom paper and the low speed of the traction are related to the slippage of the traction mechanism. If the speed of the traction is too low, the adjustment of the traction speed can be solved;

  If the traction mechanism is slipping, tighten the locking screw of the traction roller until the bottom paper does not slip.

Also, pay attention to whether the drive belt behind the take-up shaft is broken.


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