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Shanghai Suren, the advantage of automatic round bottle sleeve labeling machine

  1.the automatic stainless steel main machine of the automatic sleeve labeling machine, full cover design, safe work, exquisite appearance, small footprint;

  2.the equipment can be equipped with double tray feeding, which can save the time of refueling and ensure smooth work;

  3.the high-speed electric eye of the sleeve labeling machine can be adjusted, and the label can be accurately locked;

  4.the equipment double-positioned center guide column, the label guide is stable, and can quickly replace the replacement of different products;

  5. The round bottle sleeve labeling machine is equipped with direct-reading touch screen control, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and has a standardized three-color warning light;

  6.the cutter head can be adjusted, special rotary cutting, double-sided cutting edge, long use time, smooth cut surface without wrinkles, so that the appearance of product packaging is better;

  7. The sleeve labeling machine runs smoothly and reliably, and the servo motor delivers the standard, cuts the label, the brushing speed is fast, the position is accurate, and there is no leakage condition;

  8. the design of the equipment synchronous bottle separator, the bottle delivery is more stable;

  9. adjustable cutter head, the cutting mark is more flat, effectively avoiding the occurrence of burrs, and replacing the blade is simpler;

  10.the conveyor belt of the sleeve labeling machine, the screwing of the bottle screw and the belt can be adjusted synchronously to ensure the stable and high speed of the sleeve labeling;

  11.advanced control system, touch screen design with auxiliary buttons, more humane;

  12.the electrical configuration standard is high, the feeding cutter is coordinated and coordinated, and the label feeding is softer and smoother;

  13.the round bottle sleeve labeling machine uses the famous foreign electrical brand, with high stability and outstanding effect;

  14. Equipment selection The latest generation PLC control system can store multiple production procedures;

  15. round bottle sleeve labeling machine can be combined with other equipment to form production line production, or stand-alone production;

  16.independent feeding rack: you can freely choose the rack position.

  (Automatic sleeve labeling machine, choose Shanghai Suren, sleeve labeling machine design and manufacturing experts.)


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