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How to solve the labeling machine?

  One of the ways to achieve full visual effects during labeling is to prevent the phenomenon of sticking in the labeling. Before the tube is filled, the label is attached, and after filling, the filling and sealing are carried out. In the process of sealing, the test of the label is particularly severe, and the closer the label is to the bottom end, the more likely the label is. Many manufacturers have such problems in specific applications, and the methods of processing are also diverse:

  First, increase the viscosity of the label, try to make the label stick strong. To achieve this effect, you need to consider the following aspects:

  1. Improve the appearance quality of the attached hose. Most of the products have varnish on the surface, which will increase the difficulty of labeling, the oozing of the contents, the micropores of the tube wall, etc. will form the label lifting, how to prevent this The generation of class problems should be a more important issue that everyone should think about.

  2. Control the labeling pressure of the label during the labeling process.

  3. Control the temperature in the labeling process and increase the labeling temperature, which will improve the labeling effect. As the temperature increases, the activity of the internal material of the object will increase, and the label will be more easily attached to the tube body.

  Second, try to use soft label materials, good label ductility will also greatly improve the tilting standard.

  Third, change the shape of the label.

  Make the bottom end of the label curved and try to avoid the deformation zone of the seal. Of course, the arc can't be opened too deeply. Otherwise, the label itself is prone to wrinkles and unnecessary problems. For the special type of sealing, the shape of the label needs to be changed accordingly, which not only prevents the tilting of the label but also increases the aesthetics. .

  Fourth, the effect of static electricity removal, the labeling process is prone to static electricity, which will have an impact on the labeling effect. Appropriately improve the humidity of the point labeling site, there will be some improvement, the use of ion fan is also an effective treatment method, labeling machine The internal humidity control is more automatic, and the internal cleanliness of the equipment can be separately controlled, so that the labeling is kept away from dust and the labeling quality of the product is improved. In this way, there is no more warning phenomenon in the labeling process, and the perfect visual effect is achieved.


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