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Does the automatic labeling machine produce exhaust gas when it is working?

  Does the automatic labeling machine produce exhaust gas when it is working?

  In the daily life of modern people, automatic labeling machines are often encountered. Yes, the use of automatic labeling machines is becoming more and more common today. Many people will have a question when they are preparing to purchase automatic labeling machines. Is that the automatic labeling machine will generate exhaust gas when it is working? Shanghai Su Renlai tells everyone that the equipment will generate heat gas when it is working. This is a normal situation, but the gas generated is not the exhaust gas, so it is necessary to talk about it.

  Why does the exhaust gas occur when labeling work? Shanghai Su Ren sums up two reasons;

  First, the use of inferior smooth oil; in the labeling work, the use of step control, servo control system, led the parts in high-speed operation, the inferior oil will be volatilized, resulting in an unpleasant breath (exhaust gas ).

Second, the parts are damaged or rusted; due to the influence of moisture or improper maintenance, when the labeling work is performed again, the parts are not harmonious and the damage is formed, resulting in unpleasant gas (exhaust gas).

  Therefore, the automatic labeling opportunity will not generate exhaust gas. This demand depends on the labeling equipment. If the quality is not up to standard, the engine oil is inferior, or other reasons, it will definitely generate exhaust gas. Therefore, when the user consults and purchases the labeling machine, the manufacturer of the labeling machine with strong consumption strength is selected, and in the inspection and inspection of the inspection machine, it is necessary to check seriously. Ordinary manufacturers will be accompanied by a file list, which contains a detailed introduction of the device's functional parameters, allowing you to accept.

  Keep an eye on maintenance during use.

  Application of automatic labeling machine in the pharmaceutical industry:

  Boxed products for the pharmaceutical industry, such as the cold medicine box, the cold medicine box, the medicine oil box and a variety of boxed products. Here you can choose to use the corner multi-face labeling machine for labeling. The role of such labeling includes anti-counterfeiting for the product and protection of the boxed product. The equipment is accurately labeled according to the specified position. The speed range of labeling is generally 200 boxes per minute, and various specifications are available.


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