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What are the label printing inks of the labeling machine

  We should all know that label printing ink is an indispensable printing material for the working of the labeling machine. However, the understanding of the label printing ink of the labeling machine in the society is far less than the understanding of the label material and printing method. Label printing inks, such as a mysterious category, are waiting for us to recognize and explore.

  What are the label printing inks for the labeling machine?

  There are many types of label printing inks for sleeve labeling machines. They can be divided into three categories according to the solvent used: UV label printing ink, solvent label printing ink and water label printing ink:

  1. UV label printing ink has excellent performance, reliable quality and wide application range; but the price is high, and special boring equipment is required, and there are certain requests for supporting materials.

  2. Solvent-based label printing inks have strong compliance with label data, stable performance and high printing quality; however, there are environmental pollution problems, and some volatile solvents are harmful to the human body.

  3, water-based ink safe and sanitary, no pollution, in line with environmental protection requirements, is conducive to human health; but there are also defects, such as slow drying speed, low color saturation, poor stability, etc., should not print large areas of the field, long-term easy to precipitate , stratification.

  The above is the variety of label printing inks that we introduce for you. We choose to think about the type of printing materials, printing methods and printing conditions, special requests from customers, post-press processing, labels. The use and application of conditions, costs and other aspects.


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