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Self-adhesive labeling machine features and application industry analysis

  Self-adhesive labeling machine features description:

Self-adhesive labeling machine, because the labeling machine adopts electromechanical integration technology, adopts high-torque stepping motor drive, advanced system such as Japanese photoelectric controller and electric self-adhesive labeling machine source protection device, so it has a start buffer function. The overall sensitivity is high, the torque is low, the speed is stable, the working voltage is stable, and the anti-drying ability is strong. The standard guarantee is . The labeling machine is stable. It is reliable. Very efficient. The standard is guaranteed to be stable, reliable and efficient.

Application industry of self-adhesive labeling machine:

Use self-adhesive labeling machine: Automatically paste the label on the label to realize automatic labeling on the circumferential surface of the product;

Function: Improve product labeling efficiency, accurate positioning, high quality, high stability; avoid manual labeling, skew, uneven thickness and low wrinkle efficiency, effectively reduce paste waste, reduce labeling labor costs, improve The product is aesthetically identifiable and enhances the comprehensive competitiveness of the product.

Applicable scope of self-adhesive labeling machine: suitable for any industry production, including bottled, bagged, plastic and other materials:

Applicable label: paper label (need to be pasted);

Applicable products: products that need to be labeled on the circumferential surface;

Self-adhesive labeling machine application industry: widely used in food, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, wine and other industries;

Application examples: labeling on firecrackers, labeling on beer, labeling on pesticide bottles, etc.


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