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Shanghai Suren's analysis of the development trend of the labeling machine

   Shanghai Suren's analysis of the development trend of the labeling machine

    Another obvious change in the label field is the increased emphasis on digital technology. Some companies already have mature equipment technology. For example, Shanghai Suren Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. recently sold its main product, SRL-250 automatic shrink film sleeve labeling machine.

    Since entering the digital sleeve labeling machine market, our business composition has undergone tremendous changes. About 70% of our current products are produced on packaging machinery, although the company's sleeve labeling machine series are not many, but all The automatic sleeve labeling machine has become our main design and production equipment.

    Company engineer Wu Gong said that the automatic sleeve labeling machine can bring them better benefits. He said: "The times are improving, and high technology is like the basic pursuit of people now. Customers usually do not interfere with our choice of production process. What they want is to get the highest quality and most stable in the shortest possible time. The sleeve labeling machine."

   hanghai Suren Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.'s sleeve labeling machine is compact and reasonable, the shape is simple and beautiful, the labeling is simple and convenient, and high-tech products are constantly emerging. It can be seen that in the next few years, the production technology and marketing methods of the sleeve labeling machine will be satisfied. The actual demand in different fields will become the most important development trend of packaging and labeling machines.


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