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In the pharmaceutical industry - the role of self-adhesive labeling machine

  Drugs are products related to people's health. For the pharmaceutical industry, a safe and sterile environment is a prerequisite for consumers to purchase with confidence.

  In order to ensure the quality of the drug, the pharmaceutical company must require the labeling machine to be dust-free and minimize noise. Under certain conditions, the static electricity should be eliminated. The self-adhesive labeling machine is clean and hygienic, and does not mold. After labeling, the product is beautiful. The label is closely attached to the product, does not fall off on its own, and has high production efficiency. For the pharmaceutical company, it can improve the hygiene of the production environment and enhance the safety of the medicine. With the continuous advancement of technology, the self-adhesive labeling machine will be increasingly The more pharmaceutical companies use it.

  Demand stimulates industrial development, innovation promotes industrial upgrading, and in order to improve the safe production of pharmaceuticals, the automation of self-adhesive labeling machines is constantly improving, and has broad market potential.

  For example, the automatic vertical self-adhesive labeling machine is mainly used for surface labeling of various round or square bottles. The labeling process is stable and reliable, so that the self-adhesive label attached to the side of the bottle is flat and fit, and can be clearly marked. Production date, production batch number (code printer is hot code printing, three lines of words). According to reports, the self-adhesive labeling machine has a reasonable layout and a multi-channel control system. When the bottle is missing, the control system will not send the standard paper, which effectively prevents the waste of the standard paper and has protection functions such as no standard. Or the automatic shutdown of the broken standard, etc., the product is fully compliant with GMP requirements, widely used in medicine, food, chemical industry, etc.

  For the safety and efficacy of drugs, consumers are more aware of the way to obtain information through drug packaging. Therefore, labeling machines in pharmaceutical packaging equipment play an important role, along with economic development and people's living standards. The improvement of drug labels has attracted more and more people's attention. The manufacturers of self-adhesive labeling machines also need to continuously strengthen technological innovation and promote self-adhesive labeling machines to be more user-friendly, convenient and intelligent. Improve the environmental sanitation of pharmaceutical production and strengthen the safe production of pharmaceuticals.


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