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Characteristics and technology of automatic beverage and beverage labeling machine

  Fully automatic beverage and beverage labeling machine (automatic film machine), using servo motor and PLC programmable device, and inverter, flexible touch screen, more humanized operation, this equipment is suitable for all kinds of bottle type beverage juice, Tea beverages, sports drinks, pure water, mineral water dairy products, beer, condiments and other food and beverage industries, the standard positioning of the sleeve labeling machine is very standard, and after shrinking by the shrinking furnace, the bottle shape can be perfected.

  Automatic sleeve labeling machine features:

  1, the beverage and beverage labeling machine is exquisite and beautiful in appearance, the overall structure is firm, and it is lighter and more sensitive when used.

  2, the mechanical structure is very stable, the equipment uses stainless steel shield frame and aluminum alloy rigid structure, strong and corrosion resistant.

  3, the equipment is suitable for bottle type, can be square bottle, round bottle, oval bottle, bottle mouth, bottle body and whole body.

  4, the synchronous cutter seat is the same, within the specification range, the cutter holder is not changed. If the specification needs to be replaced, it can be completed in a short time.

  5. The beverage and beverage labeling machine has a wide application range and can be applied to various glass bottles, plastic bottles, PVC, PET, PS, iron cans and the like for food, medicine and daily chemicals.

  6, high positioning accuracy, full mechanical transmission design, forced sleeve labeling method, can be adjusted within the specification of film material.

  7, This equipment has low consumables and low cost. It can use low-cost disposable blades, which is easy to replace and has low cost.

  8, Shanghai Suren after-sales service, the equipment parts and components warehouse are equipped, can be provided in a timely manner, and a team of experienced engineers to provide you with strong technical support.

  9, the new design of the labeling machine structure, the quality is more solid and efficient, and has an advantage in the industry market.

  10, the equipment uses a reciprocating cutter, the action is smooth, effectively improving the tool life.

  11. The simple center column positioning of the beverage and beverage labeling machine, the specification is easy to replace, the control is easy to understand, easy to learn, and completely prevent users from being confused.

  12, the equipment construction components are simple and generous, with low failure rate and simple maintenance.


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