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Shanghai Suren labeling machine - sleeve labeling machine performance introduction

  1. fast, high precision, stable and reliable, is the ideal equipment for hose labeling / sleeve labeling.

  2. efficient hose labeling / sleeve labeling workstation, one person can operate, automatic feeding, labeling / sleeve labeling, receiving materials, including missing material detection electric eye and automatic pause function.

  3. speed, accuracy, stability, ease of use and flexibility of use to achieve optimal.

  4. Designed for hose labeling/sleeve labeling, it can quickly and easily attach transparent/opaque self-adhesive labels to hoses.

  5. Suitable for hose labels of different lengths and diameters.

  6. the operation is stable and reliable, to ensure that each hose will not be damaged, and the label is flat and accurate.

  7. unique crank slider mechanism to ensure fast, orderly and reliable loading.

  8. the use of splitter positioning device to ensure that the hose labeling / sleeve positioning is accurate, reliable, maintenance-free.

  9. air pressure detection type unloading device to ensure reliable discharge of the hose after labeling / sleeve labeling.

  10. easy to operate, a variety of hoses and labels can be quickly switched, can be easily completed in 10 minutes, different specifications of the hose, the label can be quickly converted.

  11. It can select the positioning labeling/sleeve function for the positioning mark on the hose.

  (Shanghai Suren Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the leader in automatic labeling machine and sleeve labeling machine industry.)


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