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What are the requirements for the label on the double-sided labeling machine

  Today's double-sided labeling machine have a certain number of users on the market, because the label of the double-sided labeling machine can reflect the overall effect of the product packaging, and it is also a kind of intuitive feeling that can be felt by consumers.

  If the label is not labeled, or foamed, not standard enough, then it will not leave a good impression on the consumer, may be abandoned by the consumer, not selected, then there is no way to talk about sales and competition with other similar products, here In this case, we should understand the four standard requirements for double-sided labeling machines for product labeling.

  1. the surface material: the toughness of the label is the key to labeling

  Therefore, the certain strength and hardness of the surface material are required. The stiffness of the label is related to the thickness of the material and the area of the label. Therefore, when using a soft film material, the thickness should be appropriately increased, generally controlled to be more than 100 μm, and thin paper type. Materials, such as 60~70g/m2 labeling paper, are generally not suitable for large labels, but suitable for processing into small labels, such as the price label used on the price gun. The toughness of the label is poor, which will result in no labeling when labeling. , or the label is rewinded with the backing paper, causing the automatic labeling to fail.

   2. the release force: also called the peel force, is the force when the label is off the bottom paper

  The release force is related to the type of adhesive, the thickness and the silicon coating on the surface of the liner, and also the ambient temperature at the time of labeling. The release force is too small, the label is easy to be dropped during the conveying process, the release force is too large, the label is not easy to get out of the bottom paper, and the technical indicators should be comprehensively controlled so that the release force is within a reasonable range. .

   3. the bottom paper: is also an important indicator to control automatic labeling

  It is required that the surface of the bottom paper is uniformly coated with silicon, the release force is uniform, the thickness is uniform, the tensile strength is good, and the light transmittance is good, so as to ensure that the label does not break when the label is attached, and the position of the label is correctly recognized by the sensor.

   4. the processing quality: the two sides of the bottom paper are required to be flat after cutting, no break, to avoid the break of the bottom paper caused by the tension change

  When die-cutting, avoid cutting through the bottom paper or destroying the silicon coating layer, the bottom paper and the silicon coating layer are damaged, and the bottom paper is easily broken or the adhesive in the label penetrates into the bottom paper, and the labeling and tearing occur. In the case of the backing paper, it is necessary to eliminate the static electricity in the web label before labeling, because static electricity may cause the label to be unmarked or the labeling may be inaccurate.


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