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What are the advantages of Shanghai Suren sleeve labeling machine?

  Shanghai Suren automatic sleeve labeling machine, high speed and stability, long service life, smart and unique. Simplified design is unique in the industry. This unique design provides powerful technical support for the high-speed operation of the sleeve labeling machine.

  The accessories are all world-famous brands, especially the electrical control system. In order to be responsible to the users and responsible for their own reputation, they all use the top products of the relevant industrial control industry to fundamentally guarantee the quality and performance of the equipment.

  In addition, its unique closed design not only protects the operator but also the equipment system itself, and greatly extends the service life of the equipment.

  1. The labeling machine has good safety performance. The new sleeve labeling machine fully embodies the humanized design concept in the design process. It is always in the unique design protection system during the operation and production process of the equipment, if the human operation is improper , causing a safety hazard, its safety system will automatically detect and immediately stop working, it must be restored, and passed the system test to continue to run.

  2. The sleeve labeling machine has a wide range of uses. In the range of effective folding, whether the package is square, round or other shapes, the material is plastic, glass, etc. can be used.

  3, the operating cost is low, a set of labeling machine equipment can adapt to a variety of bottle types, only the tool is the only wear and tear parts of the entire device, easy to obtain, easy to replace, low cost.

4, the labeling machine replaces the packaging, easy, modular design, no need to use any tools for mold change, only need to manually make some simple adjustments, you can complete.


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