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What are the characteristics of shrinking furnace - Shanghai Suren Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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  Here are the characteristics of the shrinking furnace:

  The shrinking furnace is a hot air circulating shrinking furnace, which is cupped with milk tea, cupped fruit milk, barreled instant noodles, bowls, noodles, clams, disinfection, tableware, toothpaste, cosmetics, mosquito coils, batteries, etc. Packaging Equipment.

  The hot air circulation type shrinking furnace adopts hot air circulation and double temperature zone control. According to different commodities, metal mesh belts and tow bars can be used for the best shrinkage effect.

  The steam shrinking furnace adopts electronic stepless speed change automatic temperature regulation, solid state relay control, stable and reliable, low noise, long service life, etc. The product can be sealed, moisture-proof and shock-resistant after being packaged.

  The shrinking furnace has the following characteristics:

  1. the electronic governor, any speed adjustment,

  2. the use of double-layer insulation panels will not cause the surrounding environment to overheat.

  3. automatically adjust the air volume when shrinking,

  4. the motor uses well-known manufacturers of motors, which can meet the long-term operation requirements of large loads.

  5. The temperature controller accurately reads,

  6. all conveyor chains are made of solid rollers, and the outer packaging is resistant to high temperature silicone tubes, which can withstand the passage of heavy objects.

  7.  the bottom is equipped with casters, can move freely,

  8. suitable for a variety of shrink film, such as PVC, PP, POF and so on.


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