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How to carry out maintenance and maintenance of the automatic sleeve labeling machine?

  How to carry out maintenance and maintenance of the automatic sleeve labeling machine?

  1. We must regularly maintain and maintain the equipment. Users should know what parts of the labeling machine are easy to wear and wear and which are easy to be old.

  2.  preferred, ink wheel nozzle, this is a very important part, because the nozzle is a stainless steel material, but with the use of the equipment, for a long time, the stainless steel nozzle inside the stainless steel nozzle is constantly flushing the amount of rust, the resulting rust will block The nozzle, so the user must regularly clean the nozzle on time, the nozzle is easy to remove, only need to understand the basic automatic sleeve labeling machine structure, I believe that the nozzle can be easily removed.

  3.  must use the cleaning box to clean the equipment accessories, the ink in the pipe and the nozzle is cleaned, if not cleaned, it will cause the ink to dry, the situation of the nozzle is blocked, if there is a leak in the printing process Phenomenon, please check whether the electro-optical eye is damaged, and clean the sensor head. At the same time, adjust the sensitivity point of the electric eye, check the fixing condition of the electric eye device, adjust the position of the electric eye installation, remove the surface color of the object, and affect the electric eye induction. Therefore, when the user encounters the malfunction of the printer, do not be nervous, just a simple operation can be solved.

  4. When using the automatic sleeve labeling machine, if the automatic sleeve labeling machine and the desktop cannot be vertically aligned, the effect of the coding will become very poor.


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