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What is the structure of the round bottle labeling machine - Shanghai Suren

  Shanghai Suren, round bottle labeling machine, using self-adhesive reel labeling paper, labeling method, using the roll method to complete the labeling.

  The equipment of Shanghai Suren labeling machine manufacturer is clean and hygienic, not moldy, beautiful after labeling, strong, will not fall off, has high productivity, and other advantages.

  Round bottle labeling machine structure and composition:

  1. The labeling machine unwinding wheel is a passive wheel, which is used to place the reel label. It is usually equipped with a friction braking device with adjustable friction. Its function is to control the speed and tension of the reel and keep the paper feeding smooth.

  2. the labeling machine buffer wheel is connected with the spring, can swing back and forth, this function is to absorb the tension of the material of the reel when the device is started, to ensure that the material is in contact with the roller to avoid material damage.

  3. the guiding roller is composed of upper and lower parts, and its function is the positioning and guiding of the material of the reel.

  4. The driving roller of the labeling machine is composed of a group of active friction wheels. Generally, one is a rubber roller, and the other is a metal roller. The bottom paper passes through them, and the purpose is to drive the coil to achieve normal labeling.

  5. The reeling wheel is a driving wheel with a friction transmission device. Its function is the bottom paper after rewinding and labeling. The handling paper of the driving wheel and the conveying paper of the delivery roller do not interfere with each other, synchronous transmission and friction. Device adjustment.

  6. The labeling machine peeling plate has an angle from one end of the plate, so that when the bottom paper passes through the peeling plate, the direction is changed, the bidding can be easily performed, and the bottom paper is separated to achieve contact with the labeling product.

  7. The labeling roller of the labeling machine can evenly distribute the label of the bottom paper, and can be attached to the product without wrinkles and flatness.


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