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The characteristics of SRL-350 automatic shrink film sleeve labeling machine - The development of sleeve labeling machine

  There are quite a lot of labeling machines on the market today, and the degree of competition in the market is gradually increasing.

  If the sleeve labeling machine wants to improve itself in a short period of time and create more room for itself, it must ensure that it has a stable design and manufacturing capability, and that no errors will occur during the operation of the equipment, thus avoiding errors. And the fault, the only way to bring the greatest benefit to the sleeve labeling machine manufacturer.

  In addition, the automation level of the labeling machine should be continuously improved, and the application range should be continuously expanded.

  The automatic operation of the labeling machine industry is changing the workflow and packaging methods of the labeling industry. The labeling machine identification system can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality, realize automatic control, and greatly reduce the sleeve labeling process and printing errors. Problems such as labeling, effectively reducing energy and resource consumption, and reducing the labor intensity of workers.

  The design of the sleeve labeling machine and the automatic control sleeve labeling system play a very important role in the sleeve labeling machine industry to improve product quality and production efficiency, eliminate packaging work errors, and reduce labor intensity for beverages, pharmaceuticals, and food. Industries such as Japan and Japan are crucial, and automation equipment and system engineering technology are further deepening, and the use of sleeve labeling machines has become more and more extensive.

  Shanghai Suren-SRL-350 Automatic Shrink Film Sleeve Labeling Machine:


Main machine size
Machine body & weight
Stainless steel 304,   600kgs around
Electric power
AC3-PHASE 220V/380V
diameter of bottle
φ25mm –φ125mm
Bottle height
Max 350mm, special can   be designed
Height of shrink label
25 mm ~280mm,special can be designed
Thickness of shrink   label
0.035mm~0.13mmPVC ,PET ,OPS
Paper inner core
5”10” Free adjustment
Shrink tunnel
Electrical / steam


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