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What is the labeling machine | What are the types of labeling machines

  With the rapid development of modern technology, the development of all walks of life is affected by it.

  For example, the labeling machine, the labeling machine was originally thought to be a simple labeling device, but did not know that its role should not be underestimated.

  So now, let's get to know it, what is the labeling machine, and what are the types of labeling machines?

  The labeling machine is mainly used in the labeling and packaging industry of products. With the continuous development of China's economic consumption power, the demand and development of labeling machines have become better and better, and its technical level has reached a considerable height. Currently, Automatic labeling machine equipment has been chosen by more companies.

  Type of labeling machine:

  The labeling machine is simply divided into three types, round bottles, planes, and side types;

  1.  the plane type, mainly on the upper plane of the product and the upper arc surface, labeling the film, there are two ways of rolling and sucking;

  2.  the round bottle type, mainly on the surface of the conical or cylindrical product label, including horizontal labeling, vertical labeling two methods;

  3. the side type is the labeling or filming on the side plane and side arc surface of the product, and the round bottle can also be used and labeled;

  The modern labeling machine can realize the automatic labeling function. It is a very powerful labeling device, which can greatly improve the work efficiency. In addition, it has high precision and high adhesion efficiency when labeling, and improves the product. The quality, while also reducing labor costs, improves the overall competitiveness of products in the market.


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