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Shanghai Suren | What are the advantages of automatic labeling machine

  Shanghai Suren automatic labeling machine with innovative and unique professional design.

  At present, it has become an indispensable packaging equipment in the industry. The automatic labeling machine can be customized according to the functional needs of the enterprise, bringing more benefits to the enterprise, for example, in the production of food and beverage, daily chemicals, automatic Labeling machines are a must-have product for companies, but many people don't know what advantages auto-labeling machines have.

  Difficult next, I will introduce you, what advantages does Shanghai Suren automatic labeling machine have?

  1. Durable durability

  Under normal circumstances, the working environment in which the automatic labeling machine is located is not ideal.

  Therefore, the structure of Shanghai Suren automatic labeling machine is mostly made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, so its durability is super strong, and the equipment can realize the side labeling of the front and back for the shaped bottle, the oval bottle and the flat bottle. It can also be used for online work or stand-alone use. It is difficult to compare with ordinary materials.

  2. Excellent working stability

  Shanghai Suren has many unique features in the design, such as the conveyor belt and labeling head of the automatic labeling machine. They use the linkage synchronous design to ensure the accuracy of labeling and the smoothness of conveying during operation. There are also multiple sets of storage areas in the labeler's PLC, making it easier to operate and easy and quick to change products.

  3. High labeling accuracy

  Enterprises have always been an annoyed question about the accuracy of product labeling.

  The Shanghai Suren labeling machine manufacturer, the automatic labeling machine, has won the recognition and affirmation of many enterprises with its perfect solution. The equipment adopts the power pressing structure and has a special correction structure in the labeling process. Real-time calibration ensures that the product is more precise and stable during the labeling process.

  In addition, Shanghai Suren's high-quality automatic labeling machine uses stepper or servo motor to ensure excellent labeling speed while maintaining high stability.

Generally, the automatic labeling machine has no special limitation on the shape of the product, and is suitable for a wide range of products, and the conveying method is mainly a chain plate and belt conveying, and can work freely under various environmental and humidity conditions.


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