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How to choose a first-class sleeve labeling machine manufacturer | Shanghai Suren

  Nowadays, the packaging industry labeling machine equipment has brought very good benefits to a large number of enterprises. Of course, choosing a cost-effective labeling machine manufacturer is also part of the problem that customers are more interested in when selecting.

  So below, I will tell you what points should I look at when choosing a labeling machine?

  1. Understand the production design experience of the labeling machine manufacturer

  It is quite necessary to understand the R&D and production experience of the sleeve labeling machine industry. In particular, the core precision of the labeling machine requires the manufacturer to master the stability after years of research and development and design and manufacture. Therefore, everyone must first understand the equipment R&D design and production experience of the labeling machine manufacturer.

  2. Equipment testing, check the actual sleeve effect of the product

  The effect of the application of the labeling machine equipment also reflects the most intuitive way of the technical capabilities of the labeling machine manufacturer. Most of the standard labeling machine manufacturers, the general labeling machine manufacturers usually provide customers with product testing and trial effect display. At the time, the customer can seize this opportunity, especially looking at the accuracy, appearance and stability of the product sleeve labeling in the actual working process.

  3. Product after-sales and word of mouth

  Third, choose the labeling machine manufacturer, but also understand how the manufacturer's after-sales service, including the installation, maintenance, guide, and after-sales service of the sleeve labeling machine, the manufacturer with good reputation, and also the main choice for the customer to select the labeling machine. factor.

  Therefore, customers need to carefully understand these aspects when selecting a sleeve labeling machine.


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