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What are the characteristics of self-adhesive labeling machine | Shanghai Suren

  Nowadays, with the continuous development of automation, the direction of the packaging industry is becoming more and more clear. Self-adhesive labeling machines are also becoming more and more popular in the packaging equipment industry

  This powerful control system can help the product to carry out self-adhesive labeling more quickly and stably. Customers can improve the production efficiency by using high-quality self-adhesive labeling machine to help the product to obtain better quality and packaging appearance. With its unique features, the device occupies a certain market in the industry.

  So what are the characteristics of the self-adhesive labeling machine?

  1. more automated labeling method

  Nowadays, the self-adhesive labeling machine sold in the market has reached the automatic adjustment technology. This unique self-adhesive labeling machine has the function of automatically calculating the length of the label. When used, the self-adhesive labeling machine passes. For the measurement of the bottle body, a more standard labeling work is carried out to ensure that each labeled product has the best appearance.

  2.  the labeling technology is more sensitive

  The sensitivity of the self-adhesive labeling machine label can be adjusted, and the bottom of the label with different transmittance can automatically identify and adjust the sensitivity, and adjust according to the state of the bottle to ensure normal, smooth and accurate labeling.

  3. the reliability is more stable

  High-quality self-adhesive labeling machine, system control components have passed the international certification standards, and through a series of evaluation tests to ensure the function of each device, with better reliability and stability, making the self-adhesive labeling machine In actual use, the performance is more prominent.

  The above is the main feature of the self-adhesive labeling machine. The high-quality automatic labeling machine adopts a full mechanical transmission device, which can accurately attach the self-adhesive label to the required product through the adhesive, and can also adjust the workplace at will. In order to obtain a better operation mode, and adjust the use status of the product according to the customer's requirements, to ensure that the self-adhesive labeling machine meets the labeling requirements.


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