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Why is the labeling machine widely used | Shanghai Suren

  Nowadays, in the packaging industry, the labeling machine is a very good sleeve labeling equipment, which is often used in all walks of life, and the labeling machine itself has many characteristics.

  Below, let us introduce you to the sleeve labeling machine.

  1. Extensive practicality

  The sleeve labeling machine can be widely used in various types of bottle type beverage products, etc. Whether it is tea beverage, juice, beer, seasoning, daily chemical, etc., the sleeve labeling machine can be used for labeling. It can be said that the application of such equipment Not only makes the position of the sleeve label quite accurate, but also highlights the appearance of the bottle after shrinking, and is more beautiful and three-dimensional.

  2.  high stability

  The sleeve labeling machine has high stability and its mechanical structure design is excellent, which also ensures the stability of the structure of the equipment. The whole equipment adopts stainless steel cover and aluminum alloy steel frame, which is not easy to rust for a long time, which is also the sleeve labeling machine. Important features.

  3.  flexible selection, multi-bottle type

  Not only can square bottles, round bottles and other irregular shaped bottles, etc. be set up, it can be said that the applicability is very wide.

  In addition, choosing a high-quality sleeve labeling machine can bring different changes to the enterprise.


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