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Shanghai Suren | What are the advantages of automatic labeling machine

  What are the great advantages of Shanghai Suren automatic labeling machine?

  1. Low cost and high work efficiency

  The automatic labeling machine is a modern packaging and labeling machine. The appearance of automatic labeling machine has changed the original low efficiency of manual labeling and the inaccurate labeling. The use of automatic labeling machine not only improves the production volume. And greatly reduce the input cost, but also enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.

  2. high cost performance, high equipment performance

  Shanghai Suren automatic labeling machine not only meets the production and packaging needs of different industries, but also has the characteristics of fast labeling speed and high precision. The equipment has a longer service life. One piece of equipment usually has a service life of 9-12 years.

  3. Widely used and diversified uses

  The automatic labeling machine is suitable for labeling needs in various industries, such as wine industry, food and beverage, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, cosmetics, plastic products, etc. The labeling type and function are also very diverse, and it can be used for anti-counterfeiting. Paste labels, barcodes, foils, self-adhesive labels, etc., the emergence of automatic labeling machines, so that the previous manual film and other processes can not be achieved, it is simple and feasible.

  4. easy to use, simple management

  Excellent labeling machine, excellent performance, reliable performance, clean and hygienic, not easy to mold, good labeling and fixing, no falling off, etc. The equipment is easy to operate. For many small and medium-sized enterprises, buy one or two automatic labeling Machines can meet their production requirements, and the automatic labeling machine has a great advantage compared to the original method of manual labeling by several workers.

  The automatic labeling machine has many advantages such as low energy consumption, automatic conveying of products, automatic monitoring, and leakage detection, and is also favored by customers.


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