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Shanghai Suren|Automatic round bottle labeling machine|What are the powerful functions

  Nowadays, the labeling machine has become more and more important in the packaging industry. At the same time, due to the stability of the automatic labeling machine, the automatic round bottle labeling machine and the strong precision of labeling, it is in the market. It is very popular.

  Next, let's introduce to you, what is the powerful function of the automatic round bottle labeling machine?

  1. Working decomposition of automatic round bottle labeling machine

  Put the product on the conveyor belt and enter the separation mechanism. After the separation mechanism separates the goods, the sensor returns the signal to the control system of the labeling machine when the product passes, and controls the corresponding motor to send the label positioning and attach it to The specified position on the product, and the labeling at the same time, the attachment work of one label can be completed.

  2. Features and functions of automatic round bottle labeling machine

  With powerful functions, one device can realize double labeling and single labeling of round bottles. The double standard spacing can be adjusted at will. The optional circumferential positioning detection device can realize positioning and labeling functions on the circumferential surface. High label coincidence, top pressure mechanism configuration, combined with three-axis positioning mechanism to prevent bottle fluctuations up and down, improve labeling accuracy, automatic bottle-dividing technology, using elastic pressure bottle mechanism, effectively eliminating the bottle's own error, resulting in The uncoupling of the bottles is improved, the stability is improved, the touch screen control, the human-computer interaction interface, the operation teaching function, and the parameter modification are convenient.

  Multiple functions are easy to switch, intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, no label, no product, automatic calibration and automatic label detection, to prevent wasted labels and leaky labeling, firm and flat, the equipment structure is mainly made of high-grade aluminum alloy, stainless steel, quality Stable and in line with GMP requirements.

  Automatic shutdown function, production counting function, power saving function, no production within the set time, the equipment automatically enters the power-saving standby state, the production quantity prompt function, the parameter setting protection function, the parameter setting, the sub-right management, and the management and production .

  The automatic round bottle labeling machine can be applied to the labeling of the circumferential surface of round bottle type products. It can be labeled with single label or double label. It can be flexibly adjusted with double standard spacing before and after. For example, mineral water round bottle, food, round can, Milk tea and other labels, commonly used in food, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, beverages and other industries, optional color coding machine and inkjet printer, can achieve on the label, print date and batch number information, to achieve label coding integration.

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