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Precautions when operating labeling machine equipment | Safety knowledge tips

  Because of its high labeling efficiency and high labeling accuracy, the automatic labeling machine is widely used in various enterprises to facilitate packaging and labeling of products.

  However, if it is used improperly, general mechanical equipment will be dangerous. Therefore, in order to safely operate the labeling machine, Shanghai Suren automatic labeling machine sleeve label manufacturer, I suggest you understand the following, safety precautions when operating the equipment:

  1.  the protection measures must be done well

  The hands and arms and other parts of the body must leave the working position of the labeling machine. The body cannot exceed the safety range. If you need to adjust the labeling machine or solve the problem of the labeling machine, you must first take protective measures, such as installing the moving gear. Board and restore the location of these safety devices after repairs are completed.

  2.  wear should be reasonable

  When operating the labeling machine, attention must be concentrated, clothes must be appropriate to wear, for example, clothes can not be loose, and a variety of chains, belts, ring jewelry, to prevent clothes and pendants, wrapped by the labeling machine equipment, in addition If the female operator has long hair, please tie the hair, do not wear hair, and wear a hat.

  3.  check all aspects of the equipment before operation

  Before working on the labeling machine, you must ensure that the correct raw materials are used and are properly prepared, as if the raw materials do not meet the specifications of the labeling machine, it may cause the equipment to stop. In addition, tighten the bolts, screws and each mechanical part and check the stickers. The use of the standard machine environment, the site must not have flammable and explosive materials.

  The above is a summary of some safety knowledge provided by Shanghai Suren.


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