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Shanghai Suren | Six technical advantages of square bottle labeling machine

  At present, the labeling machine is simply divided into round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, flat, shaped bottles, etc. However, the corner labeling of square bottles, especially the square bottles of 5 liters of edible oil, is usually not perfect. The solution, but the Shanghai Suren labeling machine manufacturer has solved this problem first by adding a double-sided two-side flattening system device on the labeling machine. The labeling label of the labeling machine is accurate and closely fitted, no Bubbles, no wrinkles.

  Today, many edible oil manufacturers are using the Shanghai Su Ren's square bottle labeling machine.

  Scope of application: It is mainly used for rapid automatic labeling of square objects in mineral water, beverage, food, grain and oil industry and other industries, with excellent versatility, high stability and long service life.

  Square bottle labeling machine features:

  1. the dispensing mechanism of the square bottle labeling machine is unique, ensuring good connection with the production line, ensuring stability during work, and effective material distribution.

  2.  the device can be used in stand-alone mode or in conjunction with the production line.

  3. the characteristic corner support mechanism ensures the flat labeling of the three side corners of the square bottle without wrinkles

  4.  square bottle labeling machine has a wide range of applications: it can achieve square bottles, flat bottles, round bottles, all kinds of shaped bottles of labeling, can also achieve round bottle circumferential positioning single-chip labeling, double-sided labeling function

  5. Some customers have higher requirements on the accuracy and labeling speed of the equipment. The equipment can choose different types of feeders, energy body customization and design.

  6.  Shanghai Suren, square bottle labeling machine has excellent man-machine interface, excellent quality and reliability, the equipment structure is made of stainless steel, and the service life is longer.

  Conclusion: purchase, automatic labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine, shrinking furnace and other equipment, please find Shanghai Suren, quality equipment, perfect after-sales service, 24 hours for your answer.


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