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Full automation of the labeling machine | The development of multi-functional integration

  Today, the labeling machine is widely used in various industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and daily chemical. Due to the increase in demand and the different requirements of different products, the labeling machine has begun to develop into a fully automated and multifunctional integration. Set of different types of bottles.

  The first contact for consumers is the label of the product. The label sometimes also represents the image of the company. Consumers can know through the label of the product: production information, date of manufacture, specifications, relevant ingredients and shelf life instructions, which are related to consumer health. Therefore, consumers attach great importance to the label of the product, and the appearance of a beautiful and exquisite product can win the trust of consumers. Nowadays, due to the chaos in the market, the label has become a certain degree of anti-counterfeiting and provides reliable sales. Guarantee.

  When choosing a sleeve labeling machine, in addition to focusing on the ease of use, convenience and speed of the equipment. Attention should also be paid to the actual effects of stability and sleeve labeling.

  In the market, most of the labeling machines use high-precision intelligent electric eyes and high-reliability microcomputer chip program controllers to control the servo motor sleeve labeling. Most of the devices use color screens, humanized graphic display, simple operation setting, and shrinkage. The bottle can achieve the perfect and best effect, and the position of the sleeve is accurate. This sleeve label machine is widely welcomed by manufacturers.

  Conclusion: When people go shopping in the mall, they will look at the labels. Sometimes, the quality of the labels will directly affect people's desire to buy products. Only the fully automatic intelligent and multi-functional labeling machine can achieve the best results. The machine belongs to a kind in the packaging machinery. The design and manufacture of the sleeve labeling machine are also very different, the quality is high, the efficiency is high, the labeling effect is beautiful, the labeling position is accurate, it is not easy to fall off, the equipment technology and the function perfect equipment, It can make the label of the product more beautiful and fit, which is the best choice for the enterprise!


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